Why Use a Travel Consultant

In this day and age when every business in the travel industry has an online presence, you have the options to book directly with a resort brand, through an airline vacation site, Online Travel Agency (OTA), or Travel Consultant.

What is the benefit of using a Travel Consultant (TC) to plan your travel rather than the alternatives to book your travel?

Expert Guidance

Online information isn't always accurate, reliable, or “what you see is what you'll get.”  Can you afford to make your decisions based on potentially questionable information?  TC's have first-hand knowledge of the destinations, extensive personal resort-specific experience, and the benefit of up-to-the-moment relevant advisories so they provide the resources you require for factual, educated choices.

Personal Relationship

OTA's present resort descriptions, pictures, room categories, and price options but little else.  TC's strive to develop personal relationships by discussing each client's preferences and vision for their trip, then answer any questions and concerns.  TC's have their client's best interest in mind and can be trusted since they work to satisfy YOU, not the supplier or OTA's revenue quota.

The Internet

As amazing as it may be, there are a few downsides. Notably, the overwhelming amount and accuracy of the information.  After countless hours of research and information overload, can you determine the objectivity of other travelers' opinions, comparisons, and limited experience?  Your TC has done the research and planning for years. They offer experience-based facts and unbiased information that you need to make informed decisions.

Use a Professional

When you need help, whether it's a health issue, tax time, home remodel, or vacation planning, the best solution is to seek out and use an experienced professional.  TC's utilize their training, resources, destination experience, and expertise to provide the information you require.  Planning vacations and events is what they do every day, not just annually or every few years.  You can have confidence in your TC throughout the entire process and be assured they will be there for you whenever needed.

Best Value

When you use an OTA and do it yourself the cost displayed is a “base rate” price.  However, as you proceed through the check out process,  you realize that the Great Deal You Found  inevitably costs more due to the “add-ons” - hotel taxes, hidden fees, airport transfers, trip insurance or the flight schedule changes you've selected.  Your TC will provide quotes, which include the latest promotions, so you'll receive the greatest value for your investment that include everything with no hidden fees or add-ons.  In addition, your TC may be able to offer other amenities or perks, while still matching internet prices.

Protecting Your Interests

Today's savvy traveler wants their vacations planned by a professional that has their best interest at heart, who works for THEM, and acts as their advocate once the trip is booked.  What if something does go awry and there's a glitch?  Have you ever tried to solve an issue at the resort through the OTA when you're several thousand miles away?  It probably won't happen. Your TC is always available to act on your behalf and resolve matters should a situation arise while traveling, upon arrival, and throughout the entire trip to your return home.